The Irish History Show is presented and produced by Cathal Brennan and John Dorney. The show was originally broadcast on NEAR FM in Dublin.

John Dorney has a BA in Irish History and an MA in Early Modern Irish History from UCD and an MA in Journalism from Griffith College.  He has been an on screen contributor to Scannal (RTÉ), My Civil War (RTÉ), TV3’s live coverage of the 1916 Easter Rising Centenary and Who do you think you are? (RTÉ). John Dorney also runs, and writes for, The Irish Story website.

Cathal Brennan has third level qualifications in Media Production (Marino College), TV and Video Production (Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology), Research Skills for TV (Screen Training Ireland) and has a BA in Irish History from Trinity College, Dublin.  He has worked as a researcher on Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC, RTÉ and NBC versions), The Children of the Revolution (RTÉ) and The Great House Revival (RTÉ).  He also writes articles for The Irish Story.

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  1. Hi Cathal and John, Am quite keen to record something for the Show on my new book on the defence of TCD in the 1916 Rising (Four Courts Press). Am in my last week in Dublin, however, so time is tight. (I need to fly home to NZ and shout at the screen to ensure we win a third Rugby World Cup.)

  2. Hi Cathal and John, I’m a fan of the show. Been listening a lot during lockdown. If possible, would love to hear a show on women in post civil war Ireland, in particular how their role contrasted with their role in the revolution. How did Irish women’s position in society compare to the trajectory of their counterparts in other Western nations? For example, in the UK, WW2 had a profound effect on the role of woman. Did Irish women see this as well? Thank you, Muireann.

    1. Thanks very much for contacting us Muireann. We really appreciate the feedback and we are trying to organise guests at the moment for an episode covering a lot of those same topics so hopefully soon. If not before Christmas then early in the new year!

  3. Hi Cathal and John,absolutely love the show,listen to it on Spotify.Is there any way of adding your earlier shoes onto Spotify instead of having to access your website to listen to them?Again want to say how much I enjoy the show,it’s great to have such a good Irish history podcast. Robert Bannon,County Derry

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