57 The Jacobite Parliament of 1689

King James II

On this episode of the show we were joined by Dr. Pádraig Lenihan of NUI Galway to discuss the 1689 Irish Parliament. The Patriot, or Jacobite, Parliament was called by King James II during the 1689 to 1691 war in Ireland. It was the first Irish Parliament called since 1666 and held only one session, from 7 May 1689 to 20 July 1689.

We discussed the grievances felt by the Catholic population over land ownership and penal laws; the role of James’ Lord Deputy, the Earl of Tyrconnell; the key pieces of legislation passed by the parliament and how it was remembered by nationalists and unionists in Ireland.

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Intro / Outro music “Sliabh” from Aislinn. Licensed under creative commons from the free music archive.

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