New Blog for the Irish History Show

Finally, after three years of broadcasting, the Irish History Show has it’s own website! The speed may be glacial but we’ve got there in the end. This is first of hopefully many posts letting you know when new episodes are available, links to interesting articles, videos and lectures on Irish history, and feedback from you the listeners to the show.

We’d really like to thank the many guests we’ve had so far who have so generously contributed both their time and expertise to the show. We’d also like to thank Near FM for putting us on the air, and in particular the station manager, Ciarán Murray and head of IT, Gavin Byrne. We’d also like to thank Richard O’Shea for helping us to get the website set up.

Having our own website will also allow us to submit the show to podcast search engines such as iTunes so hopefully this will allow us to expand the audience for our podcasts.

Thank you very much to everyone who has listened to the show over the years. It’s very much appreciated!

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