80 Partition and the Irish Border

2021 marks 100 years since the creation of Northern Ireland.  To discuss this, and the events that led up to the partition of Ireland, we were joined by Dr. Cormac Moore.  Cormac is a historian in residence with Dublin City Council.  His previous works include The GAA vs. Douglas Hyde, The Irish Soccer Split, and his most recent work, Birth of the Border – The impact of partition in Ireland.

On this episode of the Irish History Show we discussed the Home Rule Crisis of 1912 – 1914, proposals to partition Ireland, reactions to partition proposals from northern nationalists, the Long Committee, the Government of Ireland Act 1920, the founding of Northern Ireland, the Anglo – Irish Treaty, the Boundary Commission, and the tangible effects of partition.

Intro / Outro music “Sliabh” from Aislinn. Licensed under creative commons from the free music archive

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